Go Solo: Museum of Natural History

Skip it.

I love ladybugs! An insect exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in London
  • The Museum of Natural History in London is something I would skip. There were too many crowds of people, screaming children, strollers, more crowds…
  • I didn’t stay long, under an hour
  • If the Natural History Museum in London is a place you enjoy give me your advice
  • One perk is that it is free

Go Solo: WB Tour London

In August 2019, I went solo to the WB Harry Potter tour in London!


  • Getting a good seat on the shuttle
  • Weaseling my way through the crowds
  • Butterbeer- you don’t need anyone else to enjoy Butterbeer


  • No one to take pictures with, but I had no problem finding kind strangers to take my photo
  • Being annoyed with crowds and having no one to vent to about it
  • Group photo setups- see photo below- it’s awkward

Go Solo: Victoria and Albert Museum

I spent a wonderful solo afternoon in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum!


  • So many exhibits, I found a lot of nearly empty and very quiet exhibits
  • A good place to dine solo, pick up your lunch inside and enjoy it outside by the fountain- beware of pigeons
  • I got to spend ample time looking at old theater costumes
  • Free entry
Lion King costumes


  • Turned my back for a quick moment and a pigeon took a bite of my scone
  • It’s huge, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out how to leave

Missing your pets while traveling

Searching for dogs in Barcelona, 2019.

The dogs were so cute and I was so excited.

I couldn’t help but ask this old man to pet his dogs! I asked in English- the man just gave me the strangest look. Thankfully a passerby overheard and translated. The man was thrilled to let me pet his pugs!

My sweet pup Deedee.

The thing I will miss most from home is my dog Deedee. She’s a family pet, but everyone knows she likes me the most. How do you cope with missing your pets while traveling?

Barcelona Critters: Roaches and Birds

Check out these green birds in Barcelona! Also, find the old sneaker.

One of my favorite things in Barcelona was the birds.

Sure, there were typical city pigeons. But I cant even explain how much I loved the green parakeet-ish birds (pictured above)! They were so beautiful! I couldn’t believe they were just on the streets. In the U.S., we wouldn’t see birds like that except at the pet store!

On another note, please enjoy these Barcelona street roaches enjoying some late night ice cream.

5 Non-European countries I want to visit

Taking the cable car in Barcelona, August, 2019

When I think about moving abroad I think about all the places in Europe I can travel to. I hadn’t even thought about the places outside of Europe that I want to visit while living in Barcelona. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Kenya
  • Egypt
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Senegal

Okay Japan is far away, but a girl can dream.

What are your dream destinations? What else should I add to this list?

Peek Inside Old Churches

Belgium, Brussels, August 2019

I’m a sucker for stained glass.

One of my favorite things to do while wandering a new place is to find the churches! It’s easy in old cities, because they seem to be the oldest and most beautiful buildings.

Most churches, unless it’s a huge tourist attraction, are open and free to go inside. The church in the photo above was in Brussels, Belgium. It cost 2 euros to go inside, and well worth it. It was a small church filled with kind people.

My 5 Favorite Travel Podcasts

Barcelona, August 2019

My favorite way to get ready for a trip is to listen to travel podcasts!

Here are my Top-5 favorite travel podcasts:

  1. Women Who Travel
  2. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
  3. JUMP with Traveling Jackie
  4. The Expat Cast
  5. When in Spain

The first four podcasts I have listed all have female hosts, which I love! The What are your favorite travel podcasts? Or favorite podcasts in general?

Moving Abroad for the First Time

Only 267 days to go. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t think it will feel real until I’m on a plane in July. I go through phases of being so excited, and being so nervous that I could vomit at any moment. And a combination of all of it at once.

Sagrada Familia. Yes, we walked down all of those stairs.

What advice do you have for move abroad for the first time?

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