TEFL Countdown Continues

When I started my blog there were 300 days until I move to Barcelona, now there are only 229 days.

Exploring the neighborhood where my TEFL classes will be held. August, 2019

My birthday is next week, Friday the 13th this year. Turning 28!

It is starting to feel more real that I’ll be spending my birthday next year in Barcelona. I’m worrying about silly things, like who I’ll spend my birthday with and how I celebrate while living in Spain.

I try not to think about it every day so time doesn’t move too slowly. It doesn’t work.

I think about Barcelona at least three times a day.

I feel like it’s so far away, but I feel like it will be here before I know it.

Traveling Through a Hangover

Being hungover on a a plane, train, or automobile, might be one of the worst things that can occur while traveling.

I don’t have any photos of myself hungover, so here’s a castle photo. Brussels 2019.

Here are my 5 tips to help you power through a hangover on your travels:

  • Bring something to vomit in- even if you just empty out your purse and use that as a barf-bag, it’s better than your lap
  • Wear an eye mask- I love my black eye mask that blocks out the spinning world
  • Gum or mints, something to get any foul tastes out of your mouth
  • Blame it on motion sickness
  • Weed

What are your tips on fighting a hangover?

Disneyland for Christmas

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, but what about Disneyland for the holidays?

Disneyland in 2009 with my cousin, and Jessie!

On December 21st my family will be headed down to Anaheim, California to visit the most magical place on earth!

I’ve been to Disneyland a few times, but I haven’t been since 2009. I can’t wait to see all of the Disney Christmas decorations! And the Mickey shaped food! AND THE RIDES!

The Peter Pan ride still gives me anxiety…..it’s scary. All the other rides I love. I’m sure there are so many new rides for me to check out. Including the new Star Wars area! I think my dad and brother are more excited for that than I am, but still.

I’ll be going with my dad, step-mom, and (mostly) adult siblings. We range in age from 27-14, we’re all over 21 except the youngest. Things might get wild.

What are your favorite Disneyland rides and treats? More Dumbo or Space Mountain? Have you ever been to any Disney parks during the holiday season?

Rainy Day Blues

Rain clouds sneaking up on me in Amsterdam, August 2019.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon in the United States. Aside from being known as weird, it’s known for the rain.

Today was a cold and rainy Tuesday. My toes were numb in my rain boots. For my own entertainment, I decided to look at what the weather was like Barcelona this week. Over 20 degrees warmer than it is here in Portland! And no rain in sight.

As the holiday season approaches, and I’m closer to starting my visa process, it’s all starting to feel more real. This time next year I will be in Spain! Thinking about all of the friends/family I am going to see, and how I might not see some of these people again before I leave.

Dramatic? Yes. Excited? Yes.

How do you deal with weather changes, good or bad?

Ready to Graduate

Arc de Triomphe

I am currently in school for my Masters in Teaching and just finished finals for the semester! Now I’m on winter break until the beginning of January.

After graduation I’m off to Barcelona! Not a day goes by that I don’t think about swimming in the warm Mediterranean sea with a plastic cup of sangria in my hand.

The company I’m doing my TEFL program through is going to help me get a student visa, so I’ll start that process in January. The company also provides housing for the first month, so I will have a place to stay when I arrive. It’s all starting to feel real!

Go Solo: Museum of Natural History

Skip it.

I love ladybugs! An insect exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in London
  • The Museum of Natural History in London is something I would skip. There were too many crowds of people, screaming children, strollers, more crowds…
  • I didn’t stay long, under an hour
  • If the Natural History Museum in London is a place you enjoy give me your advice
  • One perk is that it is free

Go Solo: WB Tour London

In August 2019, I went solo to the WB Harry Potter tour in London!


  • Getting a good seat on the shuttle
  • Weaseling my way through the crowds
  • Butterbeer- you don’t need anyone else to enjoy Butterbeer


  • No one to take pictures with, but I had no problem finding kind strangers to take my photo
  • Being annoyed with crowds and having no one to vent to about it
  • Group photo setups- see photo below- it’s awkward

Go Solo: Victoria and Albert Museum

I spent a wonderful solo afternoon in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum!


  • So many exhibits, I found a lot of nearly empty and very quiet exhibits
  • A good place to dine solo, pick up your lunch inside and enjoy it outside by the fountain- beware of pigeons
  • I got to spend ample time looking at old theater costumes
  • Free entry
Lion King costumes


  • Turned my back for a quick moment and a pigeon took a bite of my scone
  • It’s huge, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out how to leave

Missing your pets while traveling

Searching for dogs in Barcelona, 2019.

The dogs were so cute and I was so excited.

I couldn’t help but ask this old man to pet his dogs! I asked in English- the man just gave me the strangest look. Thankfully a passerby overheard and translated. The man was thrilled to let me pet his pugs!

My sweet pup Deedee.

The thing I will miss most from home is my dog Deedee. She’s a family pet, but everyone knows she likes me the most. How do you cope with missing your pets while traveling?

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